Premium Chef


Premium Chef is the whole range of professions and products around Vanilla. We master all the manufacturing steps to produce extracts, Vanilla paste, powder, natural flavor and other products between our two sites in Madagascar (first transformation) and Chennevières, France (finishing and packaging).


With their experience and business expertise: 

  • Techniques
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sourcing
  • Finance


Our mission: To select, create and manufacture aromatic ingredients for the most demanding Chefs through a light, flexible and reactive structure.


For expectations that meet the needs of Gastronomy, targeting Pastry, Ice Cream, Bakery, Chocolate, inspired by the French Know-How for an international development.


Products: natural sourcing, technical specialties: 

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • And other aromatic ingredients "FINE TASTE FOR PASTRY". 



A life dedicated to sweet and savoury gastronomy.

Pierre de Chalais discovered Madagascar, the Vanilla Island, a dozen years ago. After many trips to Madagascar, he will weave links with the whole Vanilla industry of this island in the Indian Ocean. Together with two other associates, the three of them have almost 90 years of experience in the Vanilla industry. Today, under the aegis of Premium Chef and through its Vanilles Expert division, a whole team is committed daily to an exceptional industry. Producers, collectors, and preparers work together to sublimate the fruit of this orchid. 

The teams have worked more specifically on the Vanilla refining process. Objective: to optimize and guarantee a unique aromatic consistency, a strong aromatic signature, highly prized by professionals.

Premium Chef-Vanille Expert also strives to contribute to the stability of the industry by supporting local associations and players. The organic selection has its full place.

Pierre de Chalais, Expert Jury member for the Concours Général Agricole, also sources the best pods in Tahiti, India, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Reunion Island, Indonesia... and thus has access to the best selections.



Vanilla Beans

There are more than 100 varieties of vanilla trees, but only 3 large ones give aromatic pods.

Pompona: less than 1% of the world production, their aromas are not very popular for food applications. Present in Mexico, PNG, Costa Rica, Guyana...

Planifolia: more than 95% of the world's production, many say that "it's the aroma of Vanilla". Only variety established in Madagascar, but also in Mexico, PNG, India, Comoros...

Tahitensis: resulting from a cross between the Planifolia and Pompona varieties originally, they are mostly known from Tahiti or PNG.

It is thanks to our knowledge and know-how that we have brought together the best varieties of Vanilla to offer you a range of varied and exceptional Vanilla Beans.