Giovanni Mutti (1805–1894) was a farmer ahead of his time in his use of the sidereal system, which is also these days used in organic farming. It takes into account the influence of the sun and the moon on plant cultivation. After many experiments, Giovanni managed to innovate by applying the crop rotation technique. This allowed the soil to recover its nutrients while cutting down the need for natural and chemical fertilizers. Crop rotation is an essential practice in farming even today, demonstrating that old rural traditions are still the secret behind the best tomatoes.



Giovanni’s nephews, brothers Marcellino (1862–1941) and Callisto Mutti (1870–1936), founded the Fratelli Mutti company as the family’s farming tradition began shifting towards manufacturing. At this point, the tomatoes were still processed using artisanal methods.

108 years later, Mutti launched a series of tomato sauce products which combine freshly processed tomatoes with a dash of tomato concentrate to enhance the flavors. A range of other high-quality ingredients are then added to create a series of different sauce tastes for customers to enjoy.


Our company today

We are committed to creating the best possible tomato products for our customers. Our headquarters are located in Parma, Italy, where our company was founded 120 years ago. In the future, we will keep on sharing our love for tomato flavors, innovation, and sustainability with millions of new fans.