Ambrosi spa is a market leader in premium specialty Italian cheeses in Italy and abroad due to the high quality of its products, its leading edge technology and certifications combined with a state of the art logistics system.

Ambrosi, Italian quality and tradition since 1942.


Though the subsidiary Ambrosi (UK) Ltd, Ambrosi acquires Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd, a British company specialized in importation and distribution of cheese and food products.


Ambrosi Spa acquires “La Traversetolese”, an historic Parmigiano Reggiano dairy, located at Traversetolo – Parma.


Ambrosi Spa, along with its partner Emmi, acquires 100% control of the French company Diprola. The company is named Ambrosi EmmiFrance. The company, which has its headquarters in Avignon, is known on the market as ETS Schöpfer SAS. Diprola’s activities are focused on the packaging and distribution of fresh Italian, Swiss and French cheeses.


Ambrosi spa acquires Bassi dairy from Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova), doubling its production of Grana Padano.


Ambrosi spa acquires the renowned Abele Bertozzi Company founded in 1901 in the historic centre of Parma. Bertozzi is highly specialized in the conversion and packaging of Parmigiano Reggiano.


To accelerate the international growth objectives, Ambrosi Spa signs a commercial agreement with Emmi which acquires a share of the Company. Emmi, a Swiss multinational company listed on the Zurich Stock Exchange, provides its high quality Swiss cheese products to its customers in 64 countries across the world.


Ambrosi Spa founded Ambrosi Food USA Corporation, in order to distribute its products in the United States.


Ambrosi spa inaugurates the latest expansion of the Castenedolo facility combining production, aging and packaging of Grana Padano.


Giuseppe Ambrosi is appointed Chairman of Assolatte (The Italian Association of Milk Producers).

Ambrosi Spa acquires an historic French distributor and founded Ambrosi France Sa, with its headquarters in Nice.


Giuseppe Ambrosi becomes President of Ambrosi Spa; under his leadership, Ambrosi spa, in addition to increasing its market share in Italy, will focus on international expansion, through careful nurturing of its relationships with various international distributors, particularly in France, Germany, USA and Japan.


Ambrosi Spa acquires Migali, (Castelfranco Veneto –Treviso) which specializes in the production and marketing of fresh products, in particular mozzarella and other pasta filata cheese specialties.


The production, aging and packaging activities for cheese and butter are transferred to the Castenedolo plant.


In conjunction with the evolution of modern retailing, Ambrosi focuses its attention on the most suitable technologies for guaranteeing the best possible preservation of flavour and other organoleptic properties of the cheeses.


Ambrosi begins the industrial activity of the production of Grana Padano.

Along with the development of the first supermarkets, Ambrosi is one of the first Italian companies to invest in consumer packaging of its cheeses.


Ambrosi’s principal activity is the aging and marketing of Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano.


Post War years, the country is trying to rebuild itself amid the turmoil of the war’s end. An agreement between the European dairy producers and processors is signed in Stresa on June 1, 1951. The designations of Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano are created. The agreement lays down specific rules concerning the designation of traditional cheeses.


The Company was founded by Ottorino Ambrosi with the focus on the production of butter and the distribution of cheese.