Pre-Order and Schedule Deliveries

Pre-order and scheduled deliveries

Your 100% satisfaction is our absolute objective.Scheduled deliveries make life easier for everyone. Our drivers maybe delayed in HCMC intense traffic.

We recommand you anticipate you orders, possibly 48h before delivery, and give us a call on +84 0937 172 297 to schedule your home/office deliveries. 

We garanty deliveries in less than 2h in HCMC, from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

We also work with fresh imported products with weekly arrivals from Europe. To garanty the maximum freshness to the products we deliver, we recommand your pre-order products such as Oysters, special cheeses, veggies and fresh ingredients.

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Frozen products deliveries

Frozen Products Deliveries

Delivery in HCMC and other cities

Delivery in Ho Chi Minh and other Regions